Beautiful mantras

 Guys I have to tell you I am having so much fun!!
And I feel so blessed...so honored...
to get to work on these oh so special wearable pieces of art!
They are beautiful...the meanings that each holds so dear to their heart!
And I get to put them on metal!  ME!
Honored I tell ya!!!  Honored!




Just think of all the possibilities!

In the works right now:

Have Faith

 You are my sun, my moon and all of my stars. 
With birthstones for each family member.

A tiny cuff with coordinates of their lovely hometown.
I am a remarkable woman
creating magnificent moments.

What amazing mantras, contracts, messages, reminders.


Would you like to watch the progress?
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Trend: Tassels

What's your opinion on tassels?
Thought I'd give them a Star Hitched Wagon try.
Love leather so I thought I'd see how it turned out...
love the above look!

Now I need to put it to work...
thinking turquoise with the brown  leather would look gorgeous.
But then I tend to me a turquoise girl.

A grey leather tassel with labradorite would be pretty amazing.
Garnets and black leather!  Yum!

Oh how fun the possibilities could be!

If you have an idea or request...
send them my way I'd love to hear what you've got!


New Displays for Markets

I just have to do a post devoted to this subject alone!
These displays were made with LOTS of LOVE!!!  :)
So I came up with the idea after seeing this tutorial on pintrest:

LOVED the look!
I figured I could come up with a plan that work for my table and booth size.

After lots of sketching and thinking and a long time in Home Depot
I had a plan.

A plan that came together with my dad and Connor helping me pick out
just the right cedar planks...
you know the ones with just the perfect grain and the right amount of cool knots.
Then that nice guy in our Home Depot cutting them to size.
Next Connor and Xander sanding them to perfection.
On to Xander staining away with my Dad's supervision!

Then after many a days soaking in the sun to dry out perfectly...
Steve attached the hardware on one set....
Then Connor attached the hardware an another set...

And finally at midnight...the night before Firefly Market in Boulder, CO...
Steve attached the back planks for jewelry and I hammered in those
cute nails for the perfect jewelry display!

I adore these displays!

They are gorgeous!

And so full of love!

And all filled up....

I do believe it's going to be a good year of markets!


Horseshoe 2014 Spring Market

So excited to be part of this market!
Hope to see you there!


Firefly Handmade Market

Star Hitched Wagon™ will be part of a wonderful market this spring!
And I could not be more excited!!!
I do hope to see you there!!!

I'm a Firefly Vendor

We will have your Star Hitched Wagon favorites...

patchouli tangerine ultra creme with jojoba macadmaia nut and hazelnut oil

grace lotion from Star Hitched Wagon with apricot kernal macadmaia nut hazelnut and jojoba oils

happy hippie lip butter from Star HItched Wagon made with Emu oil
all natural herbal bath soaks from Star Hitched Wagon

 plus a few new things...
Introducing the Old Fashioned Wagon Bars:

patchouli tangerine cold process soap from Star Hitched Wagon

True Cold Process Soap...
loaded with wonderful oils and butters!
The one above?
Our BELOVED Patchouli Tangerine!
Smells so good...
Terrific lather...
Wonderful feel...
Just look at that pattern and those colors!
Also on the curing rack...
Good Morning (new citrus lavender essential oil blend)
Rugged Man (new clean earthy masculine blend)
Perfectly Pear (new deliciously juicy pear fragrance)
Lavender Oatmeal
Coconut Lemongrass
Sweet Tomato
Spicy Lime
and Salt Bars in...
Pink Grapefruit
Sandy Beach (a sexy watery woodsy blend)
Just having so much fun with these wonderful soaps...

Next up...some sneak peaks in our jewelry line!!
Fun stuff to come!

metal clay jewelry from Star Hitched Wagon

Thanks for looking friends!
Have a beautiful weekend!

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Come See Us!

Come See Us!