Lip Butter Love

 I received the sweetest note recently from a friend who found Star Hitched Wagon at Horseshoe Craft & Flea Market in Denver...she has fallen in love with our Mint Madness Lip Butter!

all natural mint madness lip butter from Star Hitched Wagon made with emu oil and peppermint essential oil

Here is what she had to say about it...

"I just wanted to let you know...I have been on a medication for years that is known for making your lips have open wounds and peel badly. I just had my check up at the Dermatologist and she asked me what in the world I was using because my lips are the very best that she has seen! The doctor couldn't even believe how much my lips have healed! This stuff is awesome!!"

Thank you so much Amanda for taking the time to let me know this!!! This is what makes being a creative business owner so wonderful!! This just made my day!

Get some here:
Star Hitched Wagon Lip Butter


The goods...

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