Bead Table Wednesday....

Haven't made a single thing since before Christmas!!!  
Is that sad or what?  
100% the norm for me - after the holiday mad dash I am ready for a break.  
So I take one - refill the creative well untill the time comes to create again.  
BUT my bead table is still gorgeous all the same!  :)  
LOVE it!


Bead Soup Partners

  So excited I made it into the draw for the 5th Bead Soup hosted by the terrific Lori Anderson

 My partner is the very talented Marie Jane Dodd!! 
I am UBER excited!!! 
Truly can't wait! 
It's gonna be good....

So make sure you come back on March 3rd to see what I come up with!


A Little Fun...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE looking at other peoples creative spaces!  Such awesome ideas out there!  Many of the ideas I have incorporated into my own studio have been "things" I have spotted in other peoples spaces!!

Ann has some great spaces featured!!! So go over and check it out - comment if you'd like!  And be sure to check out all the other spaces Ann has featured.  Very cool stuff!!!

Hey and if YOU have a fun creative spaces - email her - she is looking for spaces to share!!  You might just inspire some organization for another creative soul!  :)


Can You See...

 ...what's wrong with this picture???

I tell ya - I didn't not when I received my wonderful bead order.  
Not when I put this piece together.  
Not when I took photos for the web.
Not when I set it out on display for a Christmas show.
Not only until two ladies were whispering about it 
did it occur to me that something might be wrong.
But even then - I thought they might not know how to read.
Then I got it home - looked at it and about died laughing!!!

Here's wishing you a little sernity for your day!!  He he he.

Come See Us!

Come See Us!

Come See Us!