Muffin Tin Challenge - Update

So the muffin tin challenge has been great for me...no I didn't get all 12 sets done by Monday but I have completed 18 pieces - which is about 6 sets plus a few extra pairs of earrings.  What has been really great about it is that from the combinations I pulled I ended up making several coordinating sets/pieces.  I love that....interchangeable sets...awesome!
Here they are - the new pieces inspired by the muffin tin challenge!  Thanks for stopping by!!



Muffin Tin Challenge

I love the idea of this challenge...the muffin tin challenge.  Leave it to Heather to inspire and challenge us in a new way.  I love it!

So the goal is - 12 projects - beady combinations pulled from our stashes and organized neatly in our muffins tins - 12 projects that you can complete in a week....this works really well for me...sometimes I want to play with my beads and think about putting a project together but don't have the time to figure out the design.  So now I can put the combinations together and then come back to them as I have the time.  I cheated a little by not using a muffin tin (I store my beads semi permanently in my available muffin tins) - I instead used my treasured vintage tart molds placed on a vintage tray for easy transport from place to place in my house if need be.

So the challenge is to finish 12 projects in a week....pushes one to be productive...I like this.  I have finished two sets to date...think I am a little behind...need to finish 10 more before Monday.  I am hoping to get it done.  However...if I don't I do have a GOOD reason - my beautiful daughter just joined us in Wyoming after not seeing her for 3 weeks...so I may be a little preoccupied!!!  Man have I missed her crazy like.

 So are you doing the muffin tin challenge?  I can't wait to see your colorful combinations and your beautiful pieces of completed art .  Check back here on Monday the 27th of June to see if I completed the challenge.....

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