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Creative Bootcampt - Day 6 - Fluid

Like a drop of lemonade....


...and so

(Creativity Bootcamp Prompt Day 3)

I remember walking in Story years ago - chatting with Steve's mom, Suzy, about how working with silver would take my jewelry design to whole new levels.  I knew there would be no boundaries - you can cut and form and shape and size and angle and texture and color it any way you want.
I waited a long time - and I dreamed of cuffs......cuffs that told stories and held personal talismans or treasures....cuffs like this.  This is my story - my treasures - each holds a special meaning.  I adore this piece. 
I know it's rough - my letters e & d jumped and I had to polish them out and try again - but rough has character - to me this is perfection. 

Star Hitched Wagon in their first treasury.....

 A beautiful beach dreamin treasury: Summers at the Beach by etsy member auberrygirl

Some beautiful stuff in this treasury!!  Go check all these artists out!!

This is exciting for me....


Creativity Bootcamp Day 4


Creativity Bootcamp - Prompt 2


Prompt 1 Creativity Bootcamp

Isn't it Lovely....

Smokey Quartz


Pendant Love


Earring goodness

Aren't these sweet - and they come in all these colors.....

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Come See Us!

Come See Us!