The Star Hitched Wagon Bath and Body Line
is finally here!!! 

Soon to make it's way to my etsy shop...
 Will roll everything out the first week in July!

Can't wait?
Come on over to our facebook page
and we will see what we can do!

Enjoy this sampling of photos...


Creative Busines Swap

So you all know Jeanne Oliver right???
She is one of me creative entrepreneurial idols!!
Love her!
When I saw that she was offering her class
I just had to sign up!
It was a terrific class!
Loved the format....
Loved how generous she was with her information...
Loved the wonderful girlies that were part of the class!!!
Such talent...dreamers...doers...cheerleaders!!!

And that is what brings us here!!
I thought it would be terrific to do a Creative Business Swap!
What a fun way to get a sampling of the work that was part of this group...
So I threw the idea out to the girls of the group to see if they might like the idea!
And guess what?
Sixteen very talented ladies wanted to join me!!!

Names were swapped...
gifts were sent...
gifts were received...
and now we blog!!!

I was a lucky girl!!!

I got to send to two wonderful people...
which means I received items from two wonderful people!!!

First up is this beautiful handmade faux-leather wristlet 
from Brenda Geiger!!!

What a treat this gift was!
Don't you agree?
I just adore it!

Here is what Brenda has to say about this item:

"Beige faux leather wristlet with whimsical flower applique. 
This wristlet can easily accommodate all your essentials 
(cell phone, keys, money, camera & lipstick!)
Carry it by itself around your wrist or 
unhook the strap and use it as a wallet in your purse.
The applique work is made up of wool, silk, and other fabric scraps. 
All hardware is high quality nickel and the purse is fully lined.
Measurements: 7 1/2 inches wide x 5 inches high
Strap: 6 inches folded, and very comfortable around your wrist"

She has many other wristlets to chose from!!
 You really should order one for yourself!!
I just know you will adore it like I do mine!!
And make sure you check out all her other gorgeous items!
I LOVE this Tapestry Tote!

So go check her out!
The second wonderful gift comes from Mike Lyman!
She sent a beautiful assortment of treasures.
A beautiful embellished tin to hold ones treasures.
An absolutely adorable fabric cuff!
Love that bright yellow button!
So fun!!!
The sweetest blue rosette barrette.
And a beautuful long necklace made the gorgeous vintage finding!!
Something very different that the type of jewelry 
that I create which is so awesome!
Macey has already asked if she could have it!  
She loves it!  :)
It's obvious why!!

Go and check her out:
With Wild Abandon Facebook Page
Now you will want to make sure 
you go check out what everyone else received!!

Here are all the participants:

Brenda Geiger

 Carolyn Carelton

Cathy Purcell

Christa Thomas

Deborah King

Jenna Alexander

Joanne Freeman

Kate Gadd

Lis Dunn

Lisa Lovestrand

Liz Bradley

Mikel Lyman

Pam Klenczar

Renee Ortiz

Renee Sendelbach

Sheila Rumney

Stacey Curry

A big HUGE thank you to all of these fine ladies for joining me
in supporting each other and swapping your precious products!!
I so enjoyed doing this!!

Have a beautiful Friday everyone!


Vintage Resin and Lucite

I have to admit I am generally not a big fan of plastics in jewelry - in theory!  :)
I mean really when you say plastic beads it just doesn't sound very appealing!
Does it?  
Agree or Disagree?
Oh but when you search for vintage resin or vintage lucite you discover some beautiful pieces!
Just look at these finds:

So just by changing it up and calling in Vintage Resin and Vintage Lucite...
VERY appealing!
Silly?  Maybe...but it works for me.

So I purchased my first lot of vintage resin and vintage lucite
and I created something I love.

My Fair Lady

 So pretty and delicate.
And so very light.

I would love to see what you are creating with resin and lucite.


Leather Lovin

 I have been working with leather a lot lately.
Love the rustic element it adds to the pieces.
Love it knotted...
Love it paired with silk and nylon cording to finish off the ends...
Love it used with clasps....
Love it tied off instead of using a clasp...
Just so many fun ways to use it...

 How about you?
How are you using your leather?

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