Wrapped, Stacked and Layered...

I love the look of stacked bracelets on a wrist.

It's fun, bold and confident.

They might tell a story...
 little reminders from stops in life.

Maybe treasured gifts from special loved ones.

Or maybe it's just plain old indecisiveness.

Either way...

So, of course, when I came across the challenge
a wonderful idea started by
I knew I had to jump on board.

Easy rules...
photograph a stack of bracelets.
They could be old favorites...
new ones created just for this challenge....
a minimum of three bracelets.
Like I said
And FUN!!

I have to say when I think of stacked bracelets
I think of my sweet daughter
Miss Macey.
All through her senior year she had a
collection of bracelets layered on her wrist.
She showered in them...
she worked in them...
she slept in them.
I think you get the picture...
they were her signature look.
And we were lucky enough that that look
was forever captured by the wonderful photographer
Mona Kay

 I love this photo...
it's so Macey.
Little treasures she couldn't bear to part with.
Becoming part of her.
Fun isn't it?

Sure I am a jewelry designer so I
could have photoed my own creations
but I just couldn't shake the need
to blog about my girl!!

I was going to leave at that
because it was enough for me.
it might be a tough crowd.
So here are my creations as well.

Love this look...
a simple knotted pearl bracelet
a three strand emerald and Thai silver piece
and my go to bracelet a simple strand of
large hammered sterling silver links.

There are 76 talented participants.
76 different ways to adorn your wrist.
76 Wrapped, Stacked and Layered Beauties...

Have fun checking them all out!

Thank you Tracy for letting me participate
and for such a brilliant idea!


Cup of Bead Soup

So the wonderful Lori Anderson
has a fun new project that she's started.
Bead kits lined up...
A Cup of Bead Soup.
Jewelry designers throw their name into the hat
to purchase these limited edition kits...
to join Lori is a mini blog hop.
Three jewelry designers chosen.
Four different designs.
Very cool!!

I was one of the lucky ones for the first kit!!!
So excited!

Let me just tell you I LOVED LOVED LOVED this cup of bead soup!!
Just look at Barbara's Beads:


You'll want to get your hands on some of her beautiful beads!
Trust me!!
And you can, here:

As soon as I received my gorgeous kit 
I knew exactly what color combination I wanted to go with.
Orange and turquoise!!!
This wonderful combination came up with many designers
I loved it so much!!
I made note of creating something with these colors.
How lucky for me that I was picked for this Cup of Bead Soup...
with those gorgeous turquoise beads!!


Gorgeous orange silk from Marsha Neal Studios 
paired with the coolest big links of sterling silver.
Throw in a little Bali silver, smokey quartz and carnelian
and that terrific pendant from Floridity
and you have a necklace that I am in love with!

Big chunky bracelet with those awesome faceted polymer clay nuggets from Floridity
an awesome turquoise pebble
smokey quartz, Bali silver, carnelian, Mexican fire opal
and more of those super fun felt pebbles from Smika!! 

And last but not least in this set
super fun earrings!!!
Bali silver, carnelian 
and more of those awesome faceted polymer clay nuggets from Floridity.
Love the movement of those little carnelian drops!!

Now onto the next set!

The focal!
That awesome turquoise key...
on a little brass chain
and a lot of dark brown leather
and a little touch of turquoise cord.  
Such fun!

 Ok so the bracelet doesn't have any of Floridity's beads 
but I just couldn't leave it out!
It's too fun!!
A fun turquoise felted pebble from Smika
a little smokey quartz
a little vintage enamel
some brass 
some dark brown leather
and a little touch of turquoise cord.
Love the combination of rustic leather and brass
with the soft little touches of turquoise and yellow! 

Now onto these sweet earrings.
Even more felted pebbles by Smika
with smokey quartz, vintage enamel and brass.

And that's it my sweets!!
Too fun!

Thanks to Lori for such a fun challenge!
And a big thanks to Barbara from Floridity
for the gorgeous beads.


A Color Challenge

 Love a good color challenge!  
So, of course, I was very excited to discover 

My first month to participate was March.
Yes I know it's April...
I'm just a tad late.
But I had to share because just look at this color challenge.

Don't you just want to escape to that beach?

Funny thing though...I struggle creating jewelry with blue.
Absolutely...it's my go to color.
But traditional royal blue, cornflower blue, sky blue...
I struggle!!

So this was the prefect CHALLENGE for me.
Helped to push me to do something I normally wouldn't.
And the result?
LOVE it!
So glad I gave it a shot.

 A fun bold set!
Lapis, freshwater pearls, recycled glass, enamel, black spinel,
handmade artisan silver, as well as Bali and Thai silver.

What do you think?
I'd love to hear what you have to say!

Do you need a good color challenge?
Make sure you stop by Louise's site...
Wait until you see what she has in store for us for this month!
Can you say CHALLENGE!!!
Too fun!

So glad you stopped by!
Have a beautifully colorful day!


Are you Blue?

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