Drool Worthy Goods....

Dear Etsy,

Thank you for making it so easy
to find such wonderful goods.
Goods that make me
drool almost daily.

Yours Truly,

Seriously...my wish list grows every day.
A list that includes
beautiful treasures of yarn, and prints and bunnies?
Yes but that's why Etsy is wonderful...
because it has something for all
of my eclectic loves!  :)

See for yourself:

Oh wouldn't this make the best socks!?!?!
I bet my friend Becky could do
something wonderful with this!!!
Afterall she makes 
awesome socks like these:

 Or how about this adorable print?

Oh how it reminds me of my sisters and I.
Yes I am the middle sister.
Love this...
really all of Tracy's work is wonderful!

Or how about this:

Because honestly have you ever
set your eyes on something more adorable?
Macey would have loved this when she was younger.

And I really want this:

All of their clutches and aprons are awesome!!!

In fact I actually need this:

Sure need is a strong word...
but I can be messy when I am in the "lab"
creating Star Hitched Wagon masterpieces!!! 

SO that is just a tiny glimpse
at what is one my wish list.  
What about you?
What has you drooling on Etsy these days?


Giving Flight

About a year ago I had the privilege of taking Kelly Rae Roberts Flying Lessons!
You all know how wonderful Kelly Rae is...
she is so generous...
so wonderful!!!
The class inspired...
helped give Star Hitched Wagon a little push...
helped me to believe a little more...
to dream a little more... 
helped me fly...
 and brought together a wonderful group of women that I am honored to be a part of.
These women are top notch!!
The best cheerleaders...
wonderful soft shoulders...
I am so lucky to get to call these women my friends.

So The Fly Tribe started talking about doing something
to celebrate out 1 year anniversary.
We wanted to give back...
to bless others with the gift of Kelly Rae's class.
We knew we could sponsor a class or two....
And then the amazing Kelly Rae decided she would match dollar for dollar...
see I told you...
a HUGE heart!
A wonderful leader and believer...
the true possibilitarian!  :)
So did we sponsor a class or two???
Oh you bet we did...
8 Classes!!!
Can you believe it!
That's huge...
but that's my Fly Tribe...
generous to the max!
Plus another 8 from Kelly Rae's match!!
16 classes...
16 very lucky women will spread their wings and fly!!!

Is it your time to Leap?
For your wings to appear and learn to Fly?
 Do you want a chance to win a spot in Kelly Rae's Flying Lessons???

Well head on over here:
to see just what you need to do!!!!

So who belongs to this wonderful Fly Tribe?
Their names are below...
take the time to click on each and everyone of their names to get to know them better!!!
Trust me you'll want to!!
They are all just awesome!


The Goods...

With the Star Hitched Wagon Bath and Body line making it's debut
I thought you might be wondering which products might be right for you!

So here are a couple of spotlights!!!

Our Body Lotion
A wonderful daily lotion for your whole body.
Perfect fast absorbing formula that will leave your skin feeling soft all day.
Includes the hydrating and very gentle macadamia nut oil,
nourishing jojoba, and the quick absorbing hazelnut oil.
Handmade in small batches.
Available in 4 and 8 ounce size. 
Packaged in a round amber pet bottle with an aluminum cap.

Glycerin Soap
Fun colorful aromatic cleansing bars.
Gentle glycerin soap leaves skin feeling so soft and clean.
Bars come in a whopping 6 ounce rough hand-cut bar. 
Arrives wrapped and labeled. 
Colors and design vary.

Hope you enjoyed this little sneak peak!! 
For our available fragrances and to view our available product line, please visit us at:

Come See Us!

Come See Us!

Come See Us!