Stormy Skies

I am so happy I found some time to get a piece created inspired by March Call to Create from:


I didn't go as bright and happy as this months inspirational cupcake monsters

but I still used colors.....

from their color chart.....

I call this piece Stormy Skies....I used a beautiful felted pebble by Smika, gorgeous lampwork by Melissa Rediger of Sea of Glass, and handmade sterling bead caps from Cathy Dailey.  And of course the gorgeous - and I mean gorgeous -  chunky amazonite and labradorite...

I enjoy a good challenge - looking forward to April's challenge.


Bead Table Wednesday

Fun stuff here.....despite being insanely busy trying to get our house on the market.....I have been able to find time in the evenings and this past weekend to design....it's been so enjoyable - so necessary - my sanity keeper.  :) 
So am I have been thinking about summer style.....nice tanks and beautiful long necklaces....so the turquoise strand will be long (think 28 - 34 inches) with a great Diane Hawkey bead and Cathy Dailey sterling star ....same idea with the pink pearls.....long with rose quartz nugget and a sweet little sterling angel charm.....then a rich garnet piece with a Thai silver button.  Love it.....


March Call to Create....

Time....will I find time this weekend to create something beautiful for Love My Art Jewelry's Call to Create?   I would love to take some time off from painting and organizing the house....just to play with my beads or to do ANYTHING creative.  

Just look at March's challenge:
what fun inspiration they had:

Has me thinking about my last Bead Table Wednesday mix:
See - if I just focus on these colors:
I would be using:
Beautiful felted pebbles by Smika
And that wise old owl from Green Girl Studios  
And this mix has been begging to be used for a while now....and I really don't want to paint and clean aaallllll weekend long - and it's a long weekend.....so I just need to create!  That is all there is to it!  Thanks Love My Art Jewelry girls for the shove I needed to do something fun!  :)

Come See Us!

Come See Us!

Come See Us!