Bead Table Wednesday....

Loving this month's:

 Lavender and Green

My purple and green pinocean beads will have to work!  :)
Maybe not the same shades - but I was inspired non-the-less.
Throw in a few other fun pieces and I should be able to get 
something VERY fun put together.

 Oh and the cute little vintage enameled caps will look oh so sweet 
on these little green lampwork spacers from The Spacer Shop.
They'll make the perfect pair of earrings.

And the final tin has more from pinocean
together with that great pendant from Diane Hawkey 
and a few awesome pieces I've been hoarding from Sue Beads...
aqua and green has to be just about the funnest combination.
Aqua with anything really works for me!!!
aqua and green magical.
Now to just get it put together...

Oh an last months challenge was Tangerine Tango

This is what I pulled from my stash:

Got lots to do considering tomorrow's March!!  :)


I'm Crushin On...

There are some SERIOUSLY talented bead artists out there!!!
Makes designing jewelry so much easier!!!  :)

Today I'm crushin on...

Why is that I am alwyas drawn to some shade of aqua/turquoise...
wonder if there is some hidden meaning behind that...


7000 Bracelets for Hope Blog Hop

 I am again participating in a blog hop for a GREAT cause.
The 7000 Bracelets for Hope Hop  
TheGlobal Genes Project collects blue jean/denim inspired bracelets for families living with rare disease, the campaign is called “7,000 Bracelets forHope.”  To help them raise awareness they are asking 7,000 jewelry designers, volunteers from the craft community and various artists to donate one bracelet to this campaign to show their support for kids living with rare disease, disorders or conditions. These bracelets will then be distributed to participating families.   

My hope is that this small contribution just might be a bright spot in a families day.  May it be a reminder that they are being held in our hearts and in our prayers.  

Messed up and originally posted this picture:

But this is the one I am really sending in!!  :(  Sorry for the mess up!

 A big huge THANK YOU to
Erin Fickert-Rowland of Elysian Studios   
 and Christine Altmiller of One Kiss Creations
for organizing this awesome hop.  

Now get to hopping, their are many participants who have no doubt made beautiful bracelets that will be a bright spot to many families.



What's My Purpose for Money

 My Purpose For Money by Stacey Curry February 2012

~ To bless our family.

~ To some day SOON buy a beautiful home in Montana with the mountains
in our back yard where the sound of moving water can be heard from
my open studio windows with a view that inspires,
with ample room for us all to play and explore and live life to fullest.

~ To keep creating.  

~ To travel with Steve and the kids so they can see wonderful  
new things that just might take their breath away.

~ To help the kids pay for college.

~ To give back, to help others help themselves, 
to give others the opportunity to make their dreams come true.
To help ease other peoples burdens, to fill the pantries of soup kitchens,
to fund medical research, to ensure kids go to school,
to strengthen the arts in schools.

~ To continue learning and growing.

~ To support other artists and help them grow.


Felt pebbles...

These wonderful felt pebbles couldn't be more fun!!  
They are handmade by Smika - who is extremely talented and wonderfully sweet!!!
I absolutely love using them in my jewelry - they add such a fun 
unique and unexpected look to the pieces they grace!!

So...I just ordered about 100 new pebbles in about 14  new colors!!! 
 Oh the fun I will have...the spring and summer line will be full of felt felt touches! 
 Can't wait!!


My Love of Art

I am participating in The Love of Art Blog Party today hosted by Rachel Payne

What a wonderful thing...writing about why we love art!

I am sure each of us is very different in the type of art we create

and the type of art we love or are drawn to

but I bet the reasons we love art are probably very very similar!

For me it's very basic at it's core...

I love art because it makes me happy!

When I am in the process of creating I am at peace.

Without those moments of creativity I am a mess...

nothing else can fall into place...

because I am not in place.

As long as I am creating at some level on a regular basis...

well it makes the rest fall into place a little easier.

(beautiful wooden heart by my sister Jamie)

Art connects!!!
This is another huge reason that I love art.

The artist community is a wonderful place...

meeting and chatting and brainstorming with other artists...

oh what an awesome thing... 

it leads to more courage, bigger ideas, and new possibilities...

and the discovery of some extremely awesome ARTISTS...

those Kindred Spirits...

(beautiful tin heart made by one of my favorite artists Carissa Fox of Brown Eyed Fox)

and their beautiful ART!!!

ART that now graces the walls of my home...

ART that brings a smile to my face...

ART that might just inspire more ART!!!

Not to mention the good artists do...

I have had the opportunity to help others through my art.

There have been times when maybe I haven't been able to give money to a worthy cause...

but I can always donate a piece of my art...

and it can be sold or auctioned off and maybe bring a slight blessing to another.

What's not to love about that.

So see it's simple...

art makes me happy...

I simply cannot be me without art!!

(posted both here and at Curry Chaos)

My wish...

My wish for this day is that you all are surrounded in love!
And remember I appreciate each and every one of you!!


The Bead Soup I sent

Remember this little sneak peak?

 Now I can reveal what I actually sent...
since my partner Mary Jane Dodd has received her soup and posted about it on her blog.

I started with this beautiful ceramic pendant by Lisa Peters.  
I added a couple of strands of autumn jasper pebbles because 
they seemed to be the perfect compliment.  As I was looking at the colors of 
the autumn jasper my thoughts went to my gorgeous stash of felt beads...
I knew I had some perfect complimenting colors.  
These come from a couple of different etsy artisans.  
The pebbles being from Smika!!  
And to finish it off I threw in an assortment of Vintaj brass components.

I look forward to Mary Jane's reveal - of course it will be beautiful!!


Guess what has arrived???

 That's right my bead soup!!!  And oh my oh my I LOVE LOVE LOVE the treasures that I received!!  Check out all the beautiful goodness!!  Mary Jane Dodd is so extremely talented - look at that beautiful pendant with all it's cold connection goodness!!!  (Makes me want to play with cold connection A LOT!!!!)  The cab she says is "vintage glass and acts like a mirror" and it a perfect little mirror!  Just gorgeous!  And the rich color of the fibers and silks - fantastic!  The coin pearls with the drilling like that - totally new to me!!!  Love the beautiful handmade clasp!  I love it all!!  Thank you Mary Jane for your thoughtfully beautiful soup!!


Just a little...

...sneak peak of the bead soup that I sent the very talented Mary Jane Dodd.

Yeah I know - pathetic - you can't even sort of see what it might be!  :)   You might be able to pick out some of the color palette - but just barely!  Fun!  She should have her goodies soon so maybe she'll show us!  Or maybe I will show!

Mary Jane posted a sneak peak on her blog as well!!  Can't wait to get whatever it is that she sent me!  Remember to come back here on March 3rd to see what we create with our fabulous Bead Soups!

A big thank you to Lori Anderson for all the hard work that she puts into each one of these Bead Soups!

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