What's My Purpose for Money

 My Purpose For Money by Stacey Curry February 2012

~ To bless our family.

~ To some day SOON buy a beautiful home in Montana with the mountains
in our back yard where the sound of moving water can be heard from
my open studio windows with a view that inspires,
with ample room for us all to play and explore and live life to fullest.

~ To keep creating.  

~ To travel with Steve and the kids so they can see wonderful  
new things that just might take their breath away.

~ To help the kids pay for college.

~ To give back, to help others help themselves, 
to give others the opportunity to make their dreams come true.
To help ease other peoples burdens, to fill the pantries of soup kitchens,
to fund medical research, to ensure kids go to school,
to strengthen the arts in schools.

~ To continue learning and growing.

~ To support other artists and help them grow.


Pine Ridge Treasures said...

Lovely goals! I share many of your sentiments. Here's to living life to the fullest!

Lori Anderson said...

What an awesome post.

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