March Call to Create....

Time....will I find time this weekend to create something beautiful for Love My Art Jewelry's Call to Create?   I would love to take some time off from painting and organizing the house....just to play with my beads or to do ANYTHING creative.  

Just look at March's challenge:
what fun inspiration they had:

Has me thinking about my last Bead Table Wednesday mix:
See - if I just focus on these colors:
I would be using:
Beautiful felted pebbles by Smika
And that wise old owl from Green Girl Studios  
And this mix has been begging to be used for a while now....and I really don't want to paint and clean aaallllll weekend long - and it's a long weekend.....so I just need to create!  That is all there is to it!  Thanks Love My Art Jewelry girls for the shove I needed to do something fun!  :)


Bobbie said...

That owl is so precious peeking out from amid the beads -- can't wait to see what you create from this mix!

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