Cup of Bead Soup

So the wonderful Lori Anderson
has a fun new project that she's started.
Bead kits lined up...
A Cup of Bead Soup.
Jewelry designers throw their name into the hat
to purchase these limited edition kits...
to join Lori is a mini blog hop.
Three jewelry designers chosen.
Four different designs.
Very cool!!

I was one of the lucky ones for the first kit!!!
So excited!

Let me just tell you I LOVED LOVED LOVED this cup of bead soup!!
Just look at Barbara's Beads:


You'll want to get your hands on some of her beautiful beads!
Trust me!!
And you can, here:

As soon as I received my gorgeous kit 
I knew exactly what color combination I wanted to go with.
Orange and turquoise!!!
This wonderful combination came up with many designers
I loved it so much!!
I made note of creating something with these colors.
How lucky for me that I was picked for this Cup of Bead Soup...
with those gorgeous turquoise beads!!


Gorgeous orange silk from Marsha Neal Studios 
paired with the coolest big links of sterling silver.
Throw in a little Bali silver, smokey quartz and carnelian
and that terrific pendant from Floridity
and you have a necklace that I am in love with!

Big chunky bracelet with those awesome faceted polymer clay nuggets from Floridity
an awesome turquoise pebble
smokey quartz, Bali silver, carnelian, Mexican fire opal
and more of those super fun felt pebbles from Smika!! 

And last but not least in this set
super fun earrings!!!
Bali silver, carnelian 
and more of those awesome faceted polymer clay nuggets from Floridity.
Love the movement of those little carnelian drops!!

Now onto the next set!

The focal!
That awesome turquoise key...
on a little brass chain
and a lot of dark brown leather
and a little touch of turquoise cord.  
Such fun!

 Ok so the bracelet doesn't have any of Floridity's beads 
but I just couldn't leave it out!
It's too fun!!
A fun turquoise felted pebble from Smika
a little smokey quartz
a little vintage enamel
some brass 
some dark brown leather
and a little touch of turquoise cord.
Love the combination of rustic leather and brass
with the soft little touches of turquoise and yellow! 

Now onto these sweet earrings.
Even more felted pebbles by Smika
with smokey quartz, vintage enamel and brass.

And that's it my sweets!!
Too fun!

Thanks to Lori for such a fun challenge!
And a big thanks to Barbara from Floridity
for the gorgeous beads.


SummersStudio said...

Great color combination and I love the contrast of the felted beads against the smooth surface in these designs.

Patti Van said...

Evwrything you made is GORGEOUS! I. Like the fact that everyone used different, but certainly complementary colors in their pieces... It makes each little bead pop! Beautiful!

Lisa Chapman said...

I love that necklace! I really like your color combination of carnelian and turquoise and all the different textures in the bracelet. What fun jewelry!

Hi, I'm Linda said...

I love your addition of orange in this piece. I'm not an orange fan but this made it look awesome. Great job. I would take any one of these pieces and love wearing it.

Jean A. Wells said...

I love what you did with Barbara's bead set. And those felted nuggets -- those are great. Everything is just beautiful - love the dark brown and turquoise combination. Great job!

Alice said...

Whooo baby, you made some gorgeous stuff here. The colors are amazing, especially the orange! I love each and every piece! But my favorite is the earrings with the carnelian dangles.

Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Stacey,
Your pieces are so pretty I love how you used your soup mix in each of your designs.

Penny Neville said...

Very lovely designs, you made a wonderful mix of pieces with your soup. I love adding the orange silk in your necklace it really brings out the color of Barbara's beads. Great eye for detail!!

Copper Diem said...

Those are all fantastic!

Marianna said...

oh my gosh I'm in love with all of your pieces! Would never be able to choose just one! Love all the mix of textures and the suede and seriously the orange, are you kidding me? PERFECTION! What a terrific color combo!

Barbara said...

Beautiful Work Stacey! I love the combination of colors and I don't normally pair my own beads with bali silver (I'm definitely going to have to remedy that).

I love the way you secured the leather with matching turquoise cording! That is a beautiful touch!

Thanks so much for participating! I am a big fan of your work!

Pixiloo said...

Turquoise and orange are so wonderful together. All of those are beautiful. I love the little dangles on the necklace. The key necklace is also wonderful. I love the extra turquoise on the leather.

TesoriTrovati said...

Miss Stacey, that terracotta orange color is DA BOMB! I especially love the effortless bohemian chic of the first necklace. It actually took my breath away! And all the rest are very fun. Great mix of colors and textures!
Enjoy the day!

Bobbie said...

Gorgeous! The beads in the soup were a delicious shade, and the carnelian was the perfect complement. And the felted pebbles are absolutely precious!

KayzKreationz said...

They all turned out great. I love the silk ribbon in the first necklace. And the colors are gorgeous.

Karyn B said...

Outstanding! Love the inclusion of the felt. They're all great, but I love that chunky orange and blue bracelet most. :D

Shelby Foxwell said...

OMG! I Love, love all of your pieces! The color combination is to die for! I can't even decide which is my favorite. Well done!

Shaiha said...

That turquoise and orange set is just stunning. Great job!

Shirley said...

Wow!!! What a stunning line up of gorgeousness! I absolutely love the felted pebble earrings, they are such fun. Your choice of the orange to pair with her beads was perfect. I am thrilled with the sari silk, and the dangles are luscious. Truly beautiful pieces!

Lori Anderson said...

Apologies for my delay -- just got back into town!

What an AWESOME color combination and choice of beads. LOVE the felt (I always have trouble dealing with felt) and the orange is a great combo -- I like it better than mine because it really pops and is so interesting.

Thanks for joining!!

Ann said...

Great pieces, I especially like the first earrings. The colors work really well together.

Pine Ridge Treasures said...

Wow! I love all of these pieces! Those felted beads are so cool. Love the color combo. Really like the clasp on the first piece. Excellent!

Marian Hertzog said...

I love what you did with your set of Bead Soup! The color mix is awesome and I love those felted pebbles!

Creative Moon said...

Love your creations, Stacey!!! My favorite is the necklace with the key focal! The brass and leather is just awesome! And those felt beads are soooo cute! You did a great job! =)

Malin de Koning said...

What a beautiful set you've created. Or rather two sets. I am very fond of the earrings with Barbara's beads. Great work all of it!

Rebecca said...

Absolutley love what you've done - the colour scheme is perfect. And I think I would have found these beads really hard to work with but you have worked magic with them! I want to go and buy my own kit now :-)

Michelle said...

Gorgeous work Stacey. I am in awe or your site, your pieces of art and your attention to detail. Absolutely gorgeous!

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