Vintage Resin and Lucite

I have to admit I am generally not a big fan of plastics in jewelry - in theory!  :)
I mean really when you say plastic beads it just doesn't sound very appealing!
Does it?  
Agree or Disagree?
Oh but when you search for vintage resin or vintage lucite you discover some beautiful pieces!
Just look at these finds:

So just by changing it up and calling in Vintage Resin and Vintage Lucite...
VERY appealing!
Silly?  Maybe...but it works for me.

So I purchased my first lot of vintage resin and vintage lucite
and I created something I love.

My Fair Lady

 So pretty and delicate.
And so very light.

I would love to see what you are creating with resin and lucite.

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Come See Us!

Come See Us!