Can You See...

 ...what's wrong with this picture???

I tell ya - I didn't not when I received my wonderful bead order.  
Not when I put this piece together.  
Not when I took photos for the web.
Not when I set it out on display for a Christmas show.
Not only until two ladies were whispering about it 
did it occur to me that something might be wrong.
But even then - I thought they might not know how to read.
Then I got it home - looked at it and about died laughing!!!

Here's wishing you a little sernity for your day!!  He he he.


CollDBell said...

OMGosh, that is SO something I would do!! Love the bracelet, great combo!

Christine Altmiller said...

this cracks me up as it is how my days have been lately...completely lacking Serenity. maybe i have adopted a Sernity way of living instead...striving but not quite there :-)

Elisabeth said...

As a horrible speller I ca sew reelate

Jamie Burch said...

Oh my goodness! It took me a while to realize it. Yikes! I just ordered some of those pendants. Going to triple check them all!

Hope you're having a fantastic week! :)

Copper Diem said...

that is so funny. I'd never notice it if you didn't mention it!! LOL

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