New Look

Shannon at idesignu has been working HARD to create a new image for me!  Just ask her - I'm sure she'd tell you what a pain I've been!!!  TRULY!!!  But I wanted this to be prefect.  Really I am thinking she wishes she wouldn't have accepted my business, but she has been very sweet and super understanding and hard working trying to figure out that image that was stuck in my head.

It has come together so nicely!!!

Check it out:

Etsy banners & avatars:


FUN stickers:

Business Card Front:

 Business Card Back:

Earring Cards:


Jewelry Price Tags (love these - look at that sweet little place to add a price):


So what do you think????

Guess what she is going to work on next?  Labels!!  Yes labels!!!  Labels for things like Patchouli Tangerine Lotion and Ultra Cream and Shea Souffle Sugar Scrub and my terrific Lavender Emu Oil Salve!!!  That's right - Star Hitched Wagon Bath and Body has been on vacation for long enough...look for all of these sometime in 2011!

Come See Us!

Come See Us!

Come See Us!