Lessons Learned in 2012

In an effort to find my blogging voice again
I have decided to play along with FOLK Magazine
Here's what's on their agenda for January: 

Looks good, right?
So I am a week behind already.
Is that a bad sign?
I will dive right in!

Focusing on what's REAL (my word for 2012)...
is a good reminder to stay on track...
to not always assume the worst...
to truly focus on the facts.
This little reminder was a big help...
especially when my emotions tried to get the best of me.
This will be something I need to continue working on.
Focusing on the facts will prevent me being
over emotional/over sensitive as I embark on new adventures.

Believing in yourself mixed with hard work
will bring about some pretty awesome results.
Three NEW wholesale accounts
since the bath and body made it's debut in July/August.
Three very successful shows at pretty awesome venues.
Lots of new customers.
Treasuries on etsy.
Partnership with FOLK.
Ran my first marathon.
This year I will continue putting myself out there.
There might be rejections but I will focus on the first lesson learned.
I just need to FOLLOW through...
work hard...

I need to spend more time in nature.
When we go up on the mountain...
I am ALIVE!!!
Sound cheesy?
Don't care, it's the truth.  
I was thinking yesterday about who I really am...
if I could really pinpoint those moments in life where I feel
fully me...
fully alive...
fully present...
fully aware of my blessings.
I thought back to 2012 and what those moments were.
Being in nature was a reoccurring theme...
Hiking Bud Love.
Hiking with the kids above Buffalo.
Zip Lining at Big Sky.
Making jewelry at Sundance.
Enjoy the amazing scenery at Hungry Horse.
I felt FULL.
At peace.
Not even the slightest desire to keep up with anyone
but ME.
Something I need to be more mindful of this year.

I really need to do yoga and meditate.
When I do I feel so much better.
Less achy.
Clear mind.
Stronger hands/wrists which is necessary for designing beautiful jewelry!
Just a better me.
This just needs to be a part of my day.

Life moves fast.
My baby just turned 12.
He has decided he no longer wants to play with LEGOS.
This breaks my heart...
just a few short months ago he just couldn't get enough of his LEGOS.
In just 1.5 years he will be in Jr High.
Next hockey season he will be a bantam.
My middle son is now a freshman.
He can take drivers ed in just a few short weeks.
He shaves.
Next hockey season he will be a midget.
He will graduate from high school 3.5 years.
My oldest...my sweet girl is 20.
Entering the second half of her sophmore year in college.
In less that a year she will be of legal drinking age.
In just over two years she will have her bachelors degree.
Soon enough she will have a family of her own.
Life moves whether we want it to or not.
Whether we are living it to the fullest or not.
Whether we are laughing or crying.
Whether we are dancing or sitting.
Whether we are out there connecting
or sitting in front of the computer wishing we were.
Time to live life to the fullest...
to connect...
to laugh...
to sing...
to dance...
to meditate...
to celebrate others...
to lend a helping hand...
to dream big and pray hard...
to believe...
to choose to be happy...
to hold onto that happiness...
and share it with others...
to spend time doing what matters most...
to LOVE...
and to make sure that others know I love them...
to forgive and let it go...
to take care of myself...
to live...play...work...connect in a place that brings joy...
to be immensely grateful.
So I will play more games, fish and hike and camp more, dance like a crazy woman in the car while my kids pretend they are embarrassed but really love it while hiding their smiles, laugh and laugh and laugh...loud and full bodied and not care who thinks it might be too loud or too crazy, I will make new friends and celebrate the ones I have, I will send thank you notes, and write in my gratitude journal and encourage my kids to do the same, I will tell my kids I love them every night before we go to bed and when they leave for school, I will greet my hubby at the door with a smile and kiss and thank him more often for all his hard work, more RAK's, volunteer and donate at places I support, call our parents and siblings more often, send mail, grown this business of mine by telling more and more people about it because I believe in it and I think they will too, smile at strangers, offer compliments, build others up and help make connections when the opportunity arises, start running again, eat more fresh foods, drink more water, start a new adventure.

Shoot for the moon and if you miss you will still be among the stars.
- Les Brown


Anonymous said...

It sounds like 2013 will be a VERY good year!

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