The Seven Seas

Do you know the book?
Recently my parents gave me a set of 17 vintage Kipling books...
I am most excited about this.

Looking forward to reading them...
I have started with The Seven Seas...
a book of poetry.
And of course as you can guess...
this has inspired a jewelry collection.

Meet a few from
"The Seven Seas"
This is "The Sea Wife"
...and a wealthy wife is she...

The bracelet features sterling silver hand wrapped links of 
beautiful iolite, moonstone, handmade silver with a Bali silver toggle clasp.

Sterling silver hand wrapped links of
beautiful iolite and moonstone.
This is "The Coastwise Lights"
Beautiful blue labradorite on hand wrapped sterling silver links.

And this is "Bloomin' Blue"

Blues like the ocean with it's white caps...
lampwork, iolite, labradorite, kyanite, moonstone, 
freshwater pearls, handmade and Bali silver.

Freshwater coin pearls with handmade silver and labradorite.

A beautiful collection inspired by a somewhat rough book by Kipling...
The Seven Seas.


Anonymous said...

Nice collection! My favorites...the Bloomin' Blue bracelet & the pearl coin earrings.

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