Bead Table Wednesday

So a couple of my favorite beady bloggers (SueBeads, Lori Anderson) do this Bead Table Wednesday thing...so of course I had to figure out what it was....followed a few links and it turns out Heather at Humble Beads created a flickr group for us all to show what we might be working on.  What a great idea - it's so fun discovering new bead designers and color palettes.....there is so much beauty out there!!! 
So - you guessed it - I have to play along too!!!  Here is a combination I will be working on soon ...it was inspired by that beautiful little enameled oval bead SueBeads.  (Courage bead by Diane Hawkey )

Speaks spring to me - which I am so ready for.


Shelly said...

I love the idea of the BTW also, and I even took a picture of my bead table, but then realized what a mess! And didn't want to post it `;~)

Those beads are lovely together and really speak of spring to me as well.

Mona said...

Love the bright and cheery colors! Bet this will be one lovely piece!

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