Bead Soup Mix

This year was the year I finally got signed up for a Bead Soup - not to late this year - I was ready!!!  Because lets face it - I was beyond jealous of previous years participants - green with envy I tell ya!!!  I mean who wouldn't be if they didn't get in on all the fun - this is an awesome swap - put on by an amazingly talented lady - Lori Anderson of Lori Anderson Designs. 

So now on to the beyond beautiful treasures I received!!!!

Beautiful is all I can say - truly beautiful!  I was spoiled beyond belief with my first go at Bead Soup.  Tari of Pearl and Pebble was such a sweet and thoughtful partner!  The selection she sent will be so wonderful to work with - really - I cannot wait to get started!!
Just look at that gorgeous focal by Mari Johnson!  Did I mention how GORGEOUS it is????  WOW!!!  And those "Flat Tires" from Stone Me (one of my favorite etsy sellers). And jade and jasper and a Bali silver toggle (which happens to be my favorite of designs).  Oh yeah and let's not forgot that adorable little bird - Tari says she found it years ago at a North Carolina antique store.  I am so lucky she passed it on to me!!

What do you think?  Are you jealous - it is that beautiful of a selection!!!

Stay tuned for the design reveal - using these treasures - coming February 26th, 2011!!!


Pretty Things said...

NEAT stuff!!!!

Pearl and Pebble said...

I'm so glad you like it! This is going to be so fun Stacey- I predict it is your first soup of many:)

Dee said...

I'll admit it, I'm jealous!! Those beads are gorgeous...love the pebbles, and everything else. I can't wait to see your finished product! Now I'm going to do some of my own snooping to find out what this BTW is all about!

Dragonfly Close said...

I think I've visited about 50 bead soup sites so far. I have to say that your creation is my favorite! I love the elegant simplicity.

I also covet your leftover beads!

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