Big West Art Festival...

...you ROCK!!!  If you are an artist and you are trying to figure out what shows to put on the books for next year...you should consider this one.  Especially if you are anywhere in the area...I repeat Big West Art Festival in Sheridan, Wyoming rocks!!!

Amazing volunteers, amazing music, amazing artists, amazing customers!!  This one has easily became my favorite show - ever!!  :)

I stressed a lot about getting my display just so....and I think it paid off.  I received a lot of positive from customers and fellow artists...yippee!!!

I learned a few things along the way...sweet little hairpins for little ones are a big seller...

 My tent is in fact not waterproof - pretty sure it is not even slightly water resistant.  Thank goodness the storm blew in during tear down.  My wooden chests and jewelry were already safely tucked away in the vehicle!!!

You can't really guess how a show will go....it just depends on the day, the year, the weather, etc...so I will just continue to always pray for the best and be thankful.

Always bring more than you think you will need...

If you think you have enough sunblock on - it's probably a good idea to put even more on!  :)

Festivals with music are a true treat!!

Spending time on all the little details...well it pays off..people do notice!!!


Bobbie said...

Congratulations on a successful show! Isn't it nice when the stars all align and everything goes well?

Renaissance Soul said...

So glad to meet you! Love my necklace and I hope it works out for you to come to Born in a Barn in the fall!! :)

Tammy Olson said...

Hi Stacy,
Thank you for stopping by my blog. Your blog is beautiful. It definitely catches the eye, what a great way to show off your beautiful jewelry! Your displays for your art show looked great. I'm glad you did well. Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

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