Cold Process Soap - First Batch EVER!!!

OK I am a tad giddy about this.....I have been making bath and body products for about 15 years...and I have always wanted to try cold process soap but knew that when my kiddoes were little it was not the right time.  Also not really having a safe dedicated space also made it not the right time.  I have taken over 4 years off of making ALL bath and body products and I guess being in a new state, new house, and in my very own designated Star Hitched Wagon™ "lab"....well I am feeling brave.

(getting my new mold all ready)

(soap poured and now keeping it warm)

 (after 24 hours here it is - it actually worked - I made cold process soap)

( just a little soda ash and some slight cracking - which I've read was probably caused from cooling to quickly - note for next go around more insulating)

(cut bars)

I think it's beautiful - it smells divine!!!  Lavender Essential oil ( my fav)!  Oh and I used an oatmeal "milk" instead of just plain water - that explains the lavender buds and oats on top!!!

Now to wait a whole 4 - 6 weeks while it cures.  I will let you know then just how wonderful (I hope) it is!


Elizabeth said...

This looks so beautiful!!! I wish I could smell it!! Lavender is my fav and it also has antibacterial properties. Fabulous!!

OH I would stick it in my linen cupboard to cure!!

Cris Peacock said...

Came to check out your Bead Soup (I know--I'm so slow!) but had to stop and read about your soap :) I've been playing with soap myself lately. I hope mine looks as yummy as yours someday soon. The waiting is so hard!

Copper Diem said...

that is so cool! totally on my list of things to do someday - are you going to sell it?

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